CPS MEDIA Web Design

CPS MEDIA is an award winning responsive web design company that provides a huge amount of customization and powerful SEO built into every site we design, including Google approved analytics, meta tags, graphics optimization, graphics meta, search engine uploading, included in our backlinks database and social media integration. That is with every site, and yes we do more elaborate SEO, it really is a matter how extensive your plan is and how many keywords you want targeted.


Our team completely focus on you, your branding, your mission and, most importantly, your future. Together, we can create visionary projects that will push boundaries and set your brand apart in the digital era. CPS Web Design focuses entirely on responsive web designed sites that optimally work on all devices including mobile.  Google announced that it would no longer index old HTML web sites that are not mobile friendly. With a larger and larger volume of business people using hand held devices to search the web, it is only logical that is super crucial to your business to have a responsive designed site.

Sites are designed using fast servers with full access and login by client, unlimited emails, SSL and full cPanel access.