CPS MEDIA Self Publishing

CPS MEDIA Self Publishier provides the lowest cost custom digital self-publishing services on the Internet and we guarantee it. There are no tricks, royalties, contracts, advertising or anything else. CPS works on a minimum foot print of development and hosting at very low cost. We can digitize your stories into an online web site, host and provide a URL to you to add to your web site, social medial, emails etc. The site we build for your publication could also be your main web site. We can explain via email or phone call.


CPS can also provide password access to the publication, subscription system, and payment gateway with payment directly to your bank account. We charge a small, very small hosting fee that provides a basic level of support. No other fees. No advertising. No hassle.


The most affordable, full featured self publishing available. Beginning publishers often wonder how difficult is it to begin publishing your own work and where to go from there.


Its Easy

– You have a manuscript or a document and what is the first step?

– You have a cover design ready or an idea of what you want for a cover.


What We Do

– Digitize your book in a beautiful page turning view with a theme that matches your product

– Setup an ecommerce gateway (typically PayPal)  that pays right to your bank account.

– Create an attractive web page with a PayPal payment link to sell your published work.

– Provide you with the URL (web address) of the page with password access.

– We setup meta tags and keywords carefully so search engines know what to index.

– We promote your page to all the SEO search engines.

– We promote to social media sites and create back links


What We Charge

– We charge a small monthly fee that includes production and hosting.

– This includes everything

– There are no other charges

– No royalties, no surprise fees

– No advertising



– You have a web page with a payment gateway.

– You can send people to this site and they can pay and get access to your publication.

– You get paid instantly with money directly made in the full amount to your bank account.

– We send people to this site through our own promotion and our SEO listings.

– Why pay for a commercial publisher with high setup costs, monthly costs and royalties.

– Online is the low cost, easy, no stress way to get your book into peoples hands around the world.

– Many books that go to print don’t even cover the publishers cost.



– Yes we can do more like:

– Enhance your web site

– Provide video integration

– Provide a more powerful subscription system with user password access.

– Provide user control and access to the publisher to the subscription system.

– Provide stronger SEO (site engine optimization) and listings with search engines

– Provide logos and branding.

– Provide video presentation promotion.

– Provide feedback and contact forms.

– Provide access to other work that you do or have completed or services you offer.