CPS MEDIA Guest Book

Add a simple or complex guestbook to your website. People can post a message directly and all the data will be stored in a MySQL database. Along with each comment the date and time when it was posted will be recorded as well.


Further, guestbooks can gather as much data as you would like and be very specialized. Click on the form to the right for a specialized form CPS uses to collect data for preparation of our ebook setups.


CPS Guest Book provides quick and easy immediate and direct feedback information that you require.


There are also other forms that are similar that CPS can provide, including interactive forums, bulletin boards etc.


Need a form quickly? CPS can have your form operational same day. The most difficult aspect is deciding what you want on the form and the way you want to collect it. The form to the right gives you a good idea with how or what you might like on your form.


Simply go to our Contact page and in our very simple basic collection Contact form, itemize what you want in a list in the message area.


In the Message are you might enter:




Email (required)

Embedded Videos

*Note: This is a note that would go under the Embedded Videos field that would give the person filling the form specific information.

** Some fields can be “required” which means that the user would have to enter information into this field or they will not be able to send the form. Just enter (required) by the field name you want.


Make the form as long as you like.

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