CPS eStore is a powerhouse online sales operations that has every conceivable feature to make volume sales on the local or international market place. Our stores go well beyond the simple shopping carts with the potential for greater control and features on the front and back end, with limitless options like the possibility of auctioning some or all products.


Today even the big box stores are finding their retail outlets being increasingly warehouses for their online stores. The benefit of an online store is that it puts you into the front seat of high-power selling, with a substantially lower overhead in retail and employee costs.


Online stores are divided into retailers that have a retail physical location and an online store and businesses that setup a dedicated online store. Dedicated stores understandably require much more aggressive SEO integration to ensure the site has greater visibility for sales expectation.


CPS sets up your estore from front to back, start to finish, gateway to ensuring sales are deposited right into your account. Demo on the right goes one step further providing an ebooking component taking appointments in their “Cleanse” dept.


Check out CPS eStore. A fraction of the price other companies charge.

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