CPS MEDIA eNewsletter

CPS MEDIA is a great outsource to look after your newsletters, digital, print, social media etc. We can also look after your mailing list management, email timing and track clicks and reads.


You save money and get your message out fast. Can be fully linked to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Your Newsletter will have a format that matches your business, looks professional, well designed and sharply visual.


Cloud Publishing Solutions is well equipped to develop, produce, design and deliver your newsletter, blog and social media news to prospects, clients and social media channels. If your organization wants a professional look, content and delivery system for your news updates, Cloud Publishing Solutions can be your outsource resource.


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What We Do

– Provide a turnkey newsletter, blog and social media integration

– Integrate a back links to your web site

– As responsive design web developers, design a unique News Page

– Produce video web presentations to enhance your newsletter communications

– Our team of creative writers will ensure your material is bold, interesting and accurate


What You Do

– Simply provide us with rough notes, clips along with any pics you might have by email.


Our Followup

– From our format setup and discussions with you done at the beginning we simply write, setup, design to your specs and send proof prior to going live with your newsletter, blog.



– Provide video integration

– Provide a more powerful subscription system with user password access.

– Provide user control and access to the publisher to the subscription system.

– Provide stronger SEO (site engine optimization) and listings with search engines

– Provide feedback and contact forms.


Importance of Newsletters in Business


A newsletter is a cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with customers and prospects. In B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends study, the Content Marketing Institute found that 78 percent of respondents used newsletters. Research firm Nielsen Norman Group asked respondents how they preferred to receive company updates, and 90 percent cited newsletters, compared to 10 percent for social media.



Publishing a newsletter gives you the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of your company and its products and services. Customers and prospects may have a limited perspective of what your company can offer if they only view your advertisements or receive promotional email. Newsletter content builds a broader picture. To encourage readers to find out more, include links to more detailed information on your website.



A newsletter can demonstrate your expertise and build confidence in your company as a potential supplier. Newsletter content provides valuable information to customers and prospects and helps to establish a company as an industry leader. To establish leadership, include articles that cover important issues in your market sector or share information on industry research. Provide details of any conferences where your company is making a presentation.



You can use newsletters to promote products and services or launch new products. Including information on special offers helps reinforce the effect of your advertising and promotional campaigns. Running special offers exclusive to readers enhances the value to the newsletter. You can integrate newsletter content with other elements of a new product launch by including announcements and articles related to the product.



Newsletters can help you increase the coverage of your target audience. By placing information about the newsletter on your website, you can capture contact details of new prospects by asking visitors to subscribe. Issuing newsletters by email to all of your customers and prospects is a low-cost method of communication, leaving more in your market budget for advertising or other promotional activities.