Digitize All Your Material
Moving your publications, catalogues, manuals, newsletters and sales materials to the web, or into a digital format for email and scoial media marketing is an expertise that we were on of the first companies to develop in 2000. If you want a place to store your digital material or host it, we can help. Further, we can plug into your website and assist with your marketing. Complete audio, video input, podcast or flip page presentations.


Get Online | Build Your Business | New Markets
You don’t have to pay a fortune for a first class estore. CPS delivers premium estores at very affordable prices. Great design, state-of-the-art estore tools, ecommerce plugin and gateway of your choice, booking system etc. Our stores go well beyond the simple shopping carts with the potential for greater control for our users with front and back end admin that allows you to add, subtract products and take control of your own estore.


Web Design | Scripts | Integration
CPS Award Winning Web Design provides simple one page to complex ecommerce sites. What makes us unique is 25 years of experience and a known leading edge developer. Our diversity assists greatly in building unique sites at the most affordable prices you will find anywhere. Software and scripts include eStore classified ads, eform, guestbook, appointment scheduler, auction, make-an-offer, member directory, gallery, newsletter, pollster etc.


Video Presentations | Social Media | Newsletter
Video presentations are very effective for web sites, general presentations running at a show or at your business, emails and newsletters. CPS provides expertise in getting your message into the hands of clients and new prospects to build your business. We can host or provide files. Our prices are low and we will simply deliver to your needs. A simple video could be a slide-in of your company logo or more complex a walkthru of your business.


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Services: ePublishing, ePaper, eMagazine, Ad Management, FlipBooks, Responsive Web Design, eStores, eForms, PHP Scripts, Self-Publish, Forums, Booking Systems, Subscription Management, Social Media, Back Links, News Letters, Catalogues, Responsive Database, eCommerce, Shopping Cart Systems, Domains, Presentations, SEO, Cloud Hosting, Video Hosting, Complete Turnkey Publishing, Start to finish, All or Partial, Writing, Layout, Newspapers, Magazines, Editorial, Catalogues, Manuals, Self-Publish, Brochures, eBooks, Classified Ads, Guestbooks, Mobile Apps


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Digital Publisher

Market Online


For newspaper, magazine, catalogue, directory, sales promotion, brochure etc., if you have a promotional layout that your want shown to clients on the web, our Digital Publisher can be completely customized to your needs. Add videos, animation, audio, sell products using eStore. Check example link.

Web Builder

Build Your Business


Plug Your Business into the World! Need an updated website, estore, back links, meta data refurb for search engines, a Google Analytics update, social media face lift, newsletter and marketing strategy. Businesses need to be seen and available to web sarchers and we have many years of SEO experience. We can help. Call of email for more info.

eStore Shop Online

Your Low Cost Online Sales Team


CPS was one of the first to get in on the online shopping stores. We can deliver a full operational estore at approximately half of what main stream sites charge. We can provide affordable low cost systems or full blown, fully secure ecommerce sites that are cloud based. The range varries greatly to the needs of the client. We can also manage the estore site and marketing, input and changes or provide back end systems so you can. Call or email for more info.

Presentation Marketing

Video Intros, Writing, Planning

When it comes to presentation marketing we are company with an ideal mixture of talent and experience. We have been publishing our own material since 1988, writing stories, creating advertorials, maarketing the old way and at the cutting edge of digital marketing. We build websites, provide video content, SEO Site Engine Optimization, back links, side links for the greatest exposure of your products or services. Call or email more info

PHP Scripts

Host in the Cloud

We offer integratable blogs, news, classified ads, forum, FAQ, photo gallery and other tools and scripts that could be easily embedded into your html website and make it more dynamic and interesting for visitors. Each of our products has it’s own administration area to manage entries, categories and options.

Ad Management Software

Host in the Cloud

A full featured advertising management system designed for daily and weekly publications. It provides all of the tools necessary for efficient print and digital ad sales, accounts receivables, powerful live reporting, messaging and pagination integration – all in one complete system.


How We Roll

Whether CPS Media is building a website, simple eform, database, mobile app or putting your server in the cloud,
rest assured, we deliver quality workmanship to keep you coming back.
Many of our clients have been with us for over 25+ years because of this.
Our pricing is low and our quality is high.
We pride ourselves in using the newest leading edge technologies.