CPS MEDIA Bulletin Boards

CPS Bulletin Boards are private online forums where research participants can log into to answer questions and share information, ideas, and opinions. A trained moderator is present and helps to stimulate and direct the discussion as necessary. Clients can observe results by logging in and transcripts can be printed at any point in the study. Online bulletin boards have some of the interactive advantages of focus groups or face-to-face IDIs with the advantage of resource efficiencies provided by online interviewing technology.


The difference between email and bulletin boards. Email is push, messages are sent to you. Bulletin boards are pull, you login to read messages. That makes it look very like a private message on a bulletin board.


CPS Bulletin Boards take advantage of threaded ‘Bulletin Board’ technology that is commonly used in online discussion groups. Bulletin Board participants log in at times and from locations that are personally convenient, answering questions posted by the moderator while reading and responding to the other participants’ comments. All of the discussion is visible onscreen to the client observers in a “virtual backroom.”


Projects take on a whole new level of interactivity with Online Bulletin Boards. With the ability to embed video and other multimedia with the click of a button, this media allows researchers to tap into the rich world of user-generated content and ethnographic activities. Projects can include a vast array of multimedia stimuli that keep participants engaged throughout the study.

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